PP Level Loop with bitumen back-Murah SQ

Brief Description:

1. The Murah Series is an upgrade series based on the entry level series. With a more fashionable design, it has less demanding on the installation way. The installation in a random way will still show a freely harmonious effect. The quality is also on the high level, with dense surface and soft backing without crack.

2. Our regular stock is 1500sqm.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Carpet tiles   Pattern: Murah SQ
Component: 100% PP BCF    
Construction: Level loop pile    
Gauge: 1/10    
Pile Height: 3±0.3 mm    
Pile Weight:: 530±20 g/m2    
Primary Backing: Non-woven cloth    
Secondary Backing: Bitumen     
Size 50cm*50cm   
Packing: 28 pcs/box (7 m2/box,18.5kg/box) 
Delivery time: 15 days if required quantity is over existing stock
Color fastness to crossing-dry 4.5 AATCC 165-2013
Color fastness to crossing-wet 4.5 AATCC 165-2013
Color fastness to light 4 AATCC TM16.3-2014





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