Non-Stock Handtufted Rug

  • Flower


    1.Hand tufted flower rug is featured with different style of flowers which can be classic or modern. The hand tufting workers can achieve very vivid flower by gentle color gradation and fine carving skills.

    2.The hand tufted wool carpet with flowers is very popular for star hotel ballroom, wedding hall and even girls’ room. 

  • Persian


    1.Persian rugs are from the Middle-east which has a long long history, and gradually itbecome popular in the whole world. It does take time and patience to tuft a persian rug by hand, but the final effect give you unparalleled beauty.

    2.To get the delicate design effect, semi-worsted yarn and bamboo silk is recommended for such designs.

  • Classic


    1. Classic handmade carpet is a traditional style. The design itself is complicated,busy and rich,so the classic carpet always look very elegant and luxury. To tuft a rug like this, it demands superior skill from the workers.
    2. The classic style carpet is usually made in wool and bamboo.
  • Modern


    1.Modern style handtufted carpet include geometric hand tufted rug and abstract hand tufted rug.  This style is hot now as it can easily match the modern decoration and give you a simple but ultimate finish. The designs all look simple, but the tufting by hand can bring you the variety and the carving can get you the high end luxury.

    2.Modern bespoke carpet can be used for different areas.The polished cotton and bamboo shining yarn are extremely recommended for the modern rugs, because it will bring a shining silky effect to your carpet.

  • Kids


    1.Kids rugs are featured with lovely flowers, animals and cartoons which are colorful and cheerful. A piece of lovely rug can easily bring the kids happiness.

    2.The kids carpet can be made in N.Z. wool, polished cotton, bamboo or acrylic. These soft materials are friendly for kids’ skin.