Floor Accessory

  • Flat Sponge Rubber Underlay Levlay™

    Flat Sponge Rubber Underlay Levlay™

    LevlayTM is made of natural rubber with high performance of noise insulation. It is specialized for in-room flooring with comfortable foot feeling and thermal insulation. Levlay can also be made with low tog ratings for use with underfloor heating. The lower tog rating reduces the thermal insulation ability, so heat can pass through without causing overheating. Rubber underlay is the most traditional form of underlay. They are extremely comfortable; no other underlay produces quite the same feel underfoot. They are also exceptionally good at minimising both impact sound and airborne sound between rooms. Rubber is the best material for use as underlayment due to this material being manufactured from heavy-duty,mold and mildew resistant rubber. The rubber waffle underlay is suitable for carpet installation, available in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm ,9mm and 10mm. The flat one is rubber underlay for laminate flooring. They are both acoustic rubber underlay and non slip rubber underlay. Rubber underlay offers superior sound insulation from loun talking, music and tv as well as the objects that strike the floor. What’s more, rubber underlay provides insulation against cold subfloors. Rubber underlayment lays very flat and does not curl up. It is the top products of flooring underlay.

  • Polyethylene Foam Underlay Ecolay™

    Polyethylene Foam Underlay Ecolay™

    Ecolay contains EPE underlay, EVA underlay , IXPE underlay with isolated bubble structure to make sure function of low thermal conductivity and superior heat insulation. EPE underlayment major construction is polyethylene plastic particicles. EVA underlayment/EVA foam underlayment main raw material is EVA.2mm and 3mm EVA underlayment is popular used as for the flooring underlay. IXPE main raw material is cross linked foam. Above three foam underlay are all undelrayment for flooring , which are also thermal insulation flooring underlay . The flooring underlayment fom with aluminium foil provides good performance at protecting the flooring from moisture arising from concrete . Laminate flooring foam underlay impact sound insulaiton and thermal insulation also it is suitable for underfloor heating.