Carpet Accessory

  • Sponge Rubber Underlay Luxlay™

    Sponge Rubber Underlay Luxlay™

    LuxlayTM  is made of natural sponge rubber, high performance on noise insulation and absortion. Rubber underlay is the most traditional form of underlay. They are extremely comfortable; no other underlay produces quite the same feel underfoot. They are also exceptionally good at minimising both impact sound and airborne sound between rooms. Rubber is the best material for use as underlayment due to this material being manufactured from heavy-duty,mold and mildew resistant rubber. The rubber waffle underlay is suitable for carpet installation, available in 6mm, 7mm, 8mm ,9mm and 10mm. The flat one is rubber underlay for laminate flooring. They are both acoustic rubber underlay and non slip rubber underlay. Rubber underlay offers superior sound insulation from loun talking, music and tv as well as the objects that strike the floor. What’s more, rubber underlay provides insulation against cold subfloors. Rubber underlayment lays very flat and does not curl up.  

  • Polyurethane Foam Underlay Soflay™

    Polyurethane Foam Underlay Soflay™

    SoflayTM  is made of recycled polyurethane foam . PU foam carpet underlay is particularly good at insulation and impact sound reduction as well as comfortable and durable. This makes it a favoured material for carpet underlayment. Pu underlay is also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and fit. 


  • Felt Underlay-Firmlay™

    Felt Underlay-Firmlay™

    FirmlayTM felt carpet underlay is made from millions of recycled synthetic fibers reclaimed from creel-end waste carpet yarn, needled and compressed to an optimum density that would give best support to the carpet, enabling the carpet to retain its new look longer. It is a premium needled felt carpet underlay engineered to provide cushion effect for underfoot comfort and better support for the carpet. The product is unique as it is made from a mass of recycled synthetic fibers reclaimed from creel-end carpet yarn needled and compressed to a thickness which transforms the material into a superior sound absorption underlay. With the luxury cushion effect together with acoustical property and other features, Frimlay stands out as an ideal underlay for carpet as well as for wooden floor. This kind of carpet underlay is clean, odorless and extremely durable. Unlike foam rubber, it does not deteriorate or crumble over time. It can be reused when carpet is replaced. Felt carpet cushion is made from millions of recycled synthetic fibers reclaimed from creel-end waste carpet yarn, needled and compressed to an optimum density that would give best support to the carpet, enabling the carpet to retain its new look longer. This underlay is ideal for heavy traffic areas particularly for corridors wherever service trolleys are frequently used and in busy public areas. It is suitable for conventional wall-to-wall installation method as well as the double-stick system. Felt underlay carpet has excellent flame retardant properties. If burnt, flames do not spread and gives off white smoke as opposed to toxic black smoke emitted when rubber burns while flames spread rapidly.

  • Plywood Carpet Gripper-Gripperstrip™

    Plywood Carpet Gripper-Gripperstrip™

    Gripperstrip™ is made of poplar plywood to firm and tense the carpet during installation.  It can use three types of big nail: wood nails, concrete nails and dual purpose nails. Standard size is 1220mm/1520mm length ,  22/25/33/44mm width and 6.3mm/7mm thickness. 22mm/25mm width is with 2 rows of nails used for corridor and guestroom area and 33mm/44mm width is with 3 rows of nails used for public areas such as banquet, ball room. 

  • Heatbond Tape

    Heatbond Tape

    High quality adhesive layer for carpet firm connection to accommodate even the toughest carpet installation. Fiberglass reinforced for added strength and flexibility and backed with silicone treated crepe paper. 

  • Double Side Cloth Tape-CRbonder™

    Double Side Cloth Tape-CRbonder™

    CRbonder™ is a high quality cloth carrier with a heavy spread of white color hot melt adhesive. The release paper is an easy release silicone paper. Can be used on all types of floor coverings especially for carpet and rug with Action back, Latex back and woven back. 

  • Carpet Edge Strip-Edgelock™

    Carpet Edge Strip-Edgelock™

    Carpet edge strip-EdgelockTM is made of high quality aluminum to seal carpets edge to make floor neat.

  • Install Tools

    Install Tools

    It contains adjustable portable knee kicker and the easy to carry carpet seaming iron.

  • Tilelock™


    Tilelock™ is suitable for various of carpet tile installation. It replaced the traditional carpet tile installation way by glue. It makes the carpet tile installation much easier. What most important is avoiding the glue pollution to make the life more green. 

  • Carpet Stair rod

    Carpet Stair rod

    Carpet Stair rod is made of brass, what we offer is solid one , which is strong without abnormal sound.