Nylon Graphic-Old Town Sunshine

Brief Description:

1. The Old Town Sunshine collection is new one of 2020 , the quality is space-dyed nylon 6 with PVC back.

2. It’s of non stock collection ,the MOQ per color is 500sqm and production time is 20days.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Carpet tiles
Pattern: Old Town Sunshine
Component: 100% Nylon- BCF     
Construction: Graphic loop pile      
Gauge: 1/12     
Pile Height: 4.5±0.3 mm    
Pile Weight:: 680 g/m2    
Primary Backing: Non-woven cloth     
Secondary Backing: PVC with glass fiber 
Size 50cm*50cm 
Packing: 20 pcs/box (5 m2/box,25kgs/box)
Delivery time: 25 days non-stock    
Fire Resistance PASS ASTMD 2859
Color fastness to crossing-dry 4 AATCC 165-2013
Color fastness to crossing-wet 4.5 AATCC 165-2013 
Tuft bind of pile yarn 8.6 ASTMD 1335
Color fastness to light 4.5 AATCC TM16.3-2014





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