Nylon Graphic-Dunkirk

Brief Description:

1. The Dunkirk collection is of Non-stock one for project tender.

2. Moq is 300m2 per color and delivery time is 20days.

Product Detail

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Product Carpet tiles   Pattern: Dunkirk
Component: 100% Nylon- Universal
Construction: Level loop pile     
Gauge: 5/64    
Pile Height: 3.5 mm (±5%)  
Pile Weight: 620 g/m2 (±5%)  
Primary Backing: Non-woven cloth    
Secondary Backing: PVC with glass fiber
Size 33.3CM*100CM
Delivery time: 15 days   
Fire Resistance PASS ASTMD 2859
Color fastness to crossing-dry 4 AATCC 165-2013
Color fastness to crossing-wet 4.5 AATCC 165-2013
Tuft bind of pile yarn 8.6 ASTMD 1335
Color fastness to light 4.5 AATCC TM16.3-2014







(DK008  DK092  DK101  DK109) -1

(DK008  DK092  DK101  DK109) -2

DK005  DK010  DK059  DK014  DK092

DK005  DK010  DK059  DK092

DK005  DK030  DK059  DK092

DK005  DK059  DK092

DK008 DK024 DK033  DK092 DK101 DK109

DK008  DK092  DK101  DK109

DK012  DK024  DK033

DK020  DK022  DK030  DK035  DK037  DK040  DK045  DK098

DK020  DK028  DK044  DK058

DK052  DK058  DK076  DK077

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