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JFLOOR Flocking® carpet is manufactured by using High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking technology and is made of the robust nylon 6.6 fibers, which are firmly anchored to the base layer. There are over 80 million fibers per square meter, 10 times as tufted carpets. It achieves remarkable stain and soil resistance, easy-to-clean and excellent resilience.

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JFLOOR Flocking® plants over 80 million of nylon 66 fibers in every square meter. It gives excellent abrasion resistance and resilience. Its uptight firmly anchored piles effectively prevent filaments pull-out or broken in heavy traffic areas.

High pile density of JFLOOR Flocking® carpet makes itself different to the traditional tufted carpet. With even and dense pile structure, JFLOOR Flocking® carpet does not easily trap dirt and dust while its open pile structure makes the dirt and soils easier to be vacuumed. This makes it much easier to clean and away from odor.
Every piece of JFLOOR Flocking® carpet is treated with Easy-maintain™ oil and water repellent technology that effectively improves the stain resistance of the carpet.

JFLOOR Flocking® carpet surface contains over 80 million nylon 66 fibers in every square meter, which creates in-numerous sound wave absorption points. When the sound waves hit the pile, they are trapped and decayed rapidly.

JFLOOR Flocking® special technology can effectively prevent the cigarette scorch to generate in a time up to 10 times longer than a nylon 6 tufted carpet. It allows you have enough time to pick up the lighted cigarette without leaving a scorch on the carpet.

Cleaning of JFLOOR Flocking® is simple and efficient for most stains. Just follow the four steps-sweep, brush, rinse, and dry.

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